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Grasim Industries Limited, a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, ranks amongst India's largest private sector companies, with a consolidated net revenue of Rs.293 billion and consolidated net profit of Rs.21 billion (FY 2014).

Grasim started as a textile manufacturer in 1948. Today its core businesses are Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF) and Cement, contributing over 90 per cent of its revenues and operating profits. It is also present in Chemicals which is essentially a backward integration of VSF.

The Aditya Birla Group is the world’s leading producer of VSF, commanding a 16 per cent global market share. Grasim, with an aggregate capacity of 498 ktpa has a global market share of 8 per cent. It is also the largest player in India in Chlor Alkali with Caustic capacity of 452K TPA (which is used in the production of VSF) in India.

Grasim entered into Cement business in 1985 with a capacity of 0.5 million tpa. Over the years, through organic and inorganic expansions, the business has grown multifold. Currently, Grasim’s subsidiary UltraTech Cement Limited ("UltraTech") has a capacity of 63.15 million tpa. Earlier, in July 2004, Grasim acquired a majority stake and management control in UltraTech. One of the largest-of-its-kind in the cement sector, this acquisition catapulted Grasim to the top of the league in India. Subsequently, Grasim demerged its cement business into UltraTech in July 2010. The merger has created the largest cement company in India, providing a platform that will help in pursuing aggressive growth going forward.

Grasim is implementing ambitious growth plans through capacity expansions in VSF and Cement, which will further consolidate its leadership in both the businesses.

Viscose staple fibre
Grasim is India's pioneer in viscose staple fibre (VSF) >>

Grasim has grown to become a leading cement player in India >>

Grasim has India's largest manufacturer of caustic soda >>

Grasim has strong nation-wide retail network and also caters to international fashion houses in USA and UK >>

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Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF)

498,000 tpa

Joint venture
:: Birla Jingwei Fibres Company Limited

72,000 tpa

Rayon grade pulp
:: Harihar, Karnataka

70,000 tpa

Joint ventures
:: AV Cell Inc (Atholville, New Brunswick in Canada)

126,000 tpa

:: AV Nackawic Inc. (Nackawick, New Brunswick in Canada)

189,000 tpa

:: Domsjö Fabriker (Sweden)

255,000 tpa

:: AV Terrace Bay Inc. (North Western Ontario, Canada)

280,000 tpa

(through its subsidiary UltraTech)


Grey cement

63.15 million tpa


Ready-mix concrete plants

102 plants


White cement

560,000 tpa

Chemicals (Caustic soda)

452,500 tpa

Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Ltd. (Subsidiary)



146 looms



35,808 spindles

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